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  •   ETAP is the National Oil Company and it was created in order to increase control and actively and directly participate in all hydrocarbons related Exploration, Development and Production. ETAP is the partner of almost Oil & Gas companies operating in Tunisia. 
  •   NOC is the national oil company of Libya. It dominates Libya's oil industry, along with a number of smaller subsidiaries, which combined account for around 70% the country's oil output of NOC's subsidiaries. 

  •   Shell Trading&Supply supports the Shell businesses, in particular Oil Products, Gas and Power and Chemicals, by trading natural gas, electrical power, crude oil, refined products, bio fuels, chemical feed stocks, environmental products. 

  •   SAMIR is involved in all of the industrial processes of producing petroleum products in Morocco such us Trading, Shipping, Refining, Storage, and Distribution of Gas, Liquid petroleum, Motor and Heating fuel and thanks. 

  •   TPAO is the national oil company in Turkey. The company has undertaken a number of oil and natural gas exploration projects both onshore and offshore, especially in the Black Sea in recent years as part of its mission to develop domestic and international resources on oil and gas in Turkey. 

  •   SEREPT is the joint venture company between ETAP, OMV and HTC, specialized in Exploration and production currently has operations at three offshore and onshore concessions in Tunisia: Ashtart, Douleb and Tamesmida. 

  •   Motor Oil (Hellas) is a leading oil company in South-eastern Europe based in Greece focusing on petroleum refining. The company operates the second-largest exporting refiner (70%) in Europe based in Corinth, Greece, the Cairo-based oil and gas exploration and production facilities in Egypt. 

  •   PA RESOURCES’ business consists on exploration, acquisition, extraction and sale of oil and gas reserves. The company is focusing its business on three regions : North Africa, West Africa and the North Sea. 

  •   Cooper Energy is an Exploration and Production with a strong balance sheet, oil production from the Cooper Basin and Indonesia and gas resources in the Gippsland Basin. The company is operating in three offshore permits in Tunisia: Bargou, Nabeul and Hammamet.

  •   EAPC operates several petroleum and petroleum products pipelines in Israel, most notably the Eilat Ashkelon Pipeline. It also operates two oil terminal and depots in the country. 

  •   IEMS is the first independent oil spill response company in the Middle East. IEMS services are designed and are continually developed to meet the environmental and marine needs in accordance to national law, international conventions and best available techniques (BAT). 

  •   TANKMED is specialized on storage of large volumes of petroleum products for international and local market such us Gas-oil, Jet Fuel, Gasoline, Nephtha and Fuel oil. The Total storage capacity is around 600 000 cbm. 

  •   DESMI is a global company specialised in the development and manufacture of pump solutions for marine, industry, oil spill combating, defence & fuel and utility both locally and globally. 

  •   NUMHYD is the Joint-Venture company between Algeria's Sonatrach and Tunisia's ETAP, who each own 50%. It is registered in Jersey, with offices in Alger and Tunis. Its operations include oil fields in the Illizi basin (eastern Algerian Sahara) and the Kaboudia area offshore in Tunisia. 

  •   MEDCOENERGI is ETAP partner in Bir Ben Tartar concession in Southern east Tunisia and has exploration activities in three offshore blocks in the Golf of Hammamet (Cosmos, Hammamet and Yasmine). 

  •   PETROFAC is ETAP partner in Chergui concession in Kerkennah Island. The company has had a presence in Tunisia since 2007, supporting projects in its Integrated Energy Services (IES) and Engineering Construction and Operations. 

  •   TPS is the joint venture company between ETAP and OMV and currently has operations at five offshore and onshore concessions in Tunisia: Guebiba,, Grema, Rhemoura, El Ain and Cercina.

  •   NRC is a global service provider of environmental, industrial and emergency response solutions. Through strategic acquisition and organic growth, NRC service lines have since expanded to cover a wide range of industrial and remediation services as well as training, consultancy and specialist response services. 

  •   SNDP is a public company whose mission is to market oil products and by-products under the AGIL label. The company covers the whole country with 201 service stations spread throughout Tunisian Territory, 54 harbour stations and 06 airport depots. 

  •   BG GROUP launched operations in Tunisia in 1989. BGT is the largest Tunisia gas producer, supplying over 60% of the country's domestic gas production. The company is operating on two concessions Miskar and Hannibal. 

  •   ENI Tunisia b.v is ETAP partner in five (5) both offshore and onshore concessions (Baraka, Maamoura, Adam, Djebel Grouz and OuedZar) and specialized in Exploration and Production. 

  •   TRAPSA is a Tunisian National company specialized in shipping and transportation of crude oil by pipeline in the Sahara and responsible for operating and managing the Skhira port, the biggest industrial port in Tunisia. 

  •   MARETAP is an operator of exploration and development of onshore oil and gas facilities in Tunisia. MARETAP is the Joint-Venture company between ETAP and ECUMED PETROLEUM and currently has operations in six onshore wells in Ezzaouia field in Zarzis. 

  •   CTKCP is the joint venture company between ETAP, KUFPEC and CNPCI specialized in exploration and production and operated in Sidi El Kilani field, an onshore concession located in Central Tunisia. 

  •   DNO is initiating offshore exploration activities in Tunisia since 2010, where she has three licenses: the Sfax and Hammamet Offshore licenses and the Fkirine license. 

  •   STIR is a Tunisian Refining Company. Its social purpose is the refining of crude oil in order to satisfy the needs of the national market in terms of oil products. 

  •   MEKE MARINE is an environmental company based in Turkey. It offers to its clients an extensive services portfolio such as: Oil spill response at sea, land and pipeline marine debris clean-up, Oil spill response vessel and equipment production. 

  •   AOST Group is based in Malta and provides a suite of integrated logistics solutions for the Shipping and Oil and Gas sectors, emergency and environmental preparedness and response services. The Company is a key partner in the OSRA network and operates in Tier 2 bases in Tunisia, Malta and Greece 

  •   Markleen is a leading manufacturer of Oil Spill Response equipment and supply all-inclusive package specially designed for customers wether located on Oil response base and ports. Markleen headquarter is in Norway, and has manufacturing sites in Sweden and Spain and sales office in the UK

  •   POLYECO B.V was established in the Netherlands in 2015 as the main entity for development and delivery of international operations, on behalf of POLYECO GROUP. The Group provides a complete range of emergency response services for both oil and chemical spillage, plus protection of the environment.



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